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Production Capabilities

We have an annual capacity to manufacture over 750,000 individual jewellery pieces with process period of 1 week to 8 weeks for a specific order
Team of over 100 associates exclusively for OEM product development
Illustration and interpretation of designs to create samples correctly the first time
CAD capabilities in Rhino and Matrix
Several in-house rapid prototyping machines
3D scanners and freeform modelling
Dedicated model makers and sampling departments


At Sunjewels, we endeavor to be trusted and preferred manufacturer of precious jewellery for leading retailers and brands worldwide. We aim to achieve our goal by building on our founder’s values of innovation, by understanding our customers and suppliers, and by nurturing the talent and passion of our people in a culture of continual improvement. We strive to build a globally respected organization that fulfills the needs of all our stakeholders including the environment.

Core Values

Conducting business in legal, ethical and accountable manner.
Promoting RJC’s responsible best practices into entire value chain.
Combating money laundering and finance to terrorism.
Uprooting all forms of bribery and facilitation payments.
Fostering Kimberley Process Certification Scheme and World Diamond Council’s System of Warranties.
Discouraging all forms of child labor and forced labor.
Providing better work environment for the development of all our employees.
Making equal opportunity certain to all our employees with non-discrimination.
Respecting human rights and human values towards all our stakeholders including employees.
Availing highest standards of environment, health and safety for safe workplace.
Preventing environmental impacts of operations by applying better engineering and managerial controls.

Product Development

We have a fully operational product development service operating out of London, UK.
Dedicated product development managers to work with clients on a one to one basis.
Our team is skilled to take work and recreate samples from CAD’s, Moulds or models.
A team of designers to help our clients during the designing phase to create high end beautiful saleable jewellery.
We offer a variety of services which include
Working with different surface coatings and finishes
Various oxidation and patination techniques
High skilled to work with glass fired enamel, cold enamel and ceramic.

External Initiatives (CSR Policy)

Strong supporters of rural education by providing projectors to small schools in remote villages

Contribution to a healthier India through regular meal programs for orphans

Financial contribution towards girl education for women empowerment

Donation of books to Government & Private schools

Internal Initiatives

Control the release of dust

Annually save 2000kl of water

To regulate power consumption & reduce heat loss

Correction System to conserve electrical energy

Polishing compound to conserve the environment

To neutralize effluents that arise out of wasted solvents


Sunjewels works with leading brands and retailers worldwide to produce fine jewellery since 1985 across multiple facilities in Mumbai and Jaipur. A member of the Responsible Jewellery Council and the World Economic Forum recognises us as a Global Growth Company. The company is constantly at the forefront of innovation in product, techniques, particularly excelling in fine pave work with strong sourcing channels for small sizes of stones, as well as extensive use of various larger gemstones.